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Related article: Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2010 19:31:15 -0500 From: Alan Bock Subject: After Today - Part 1 -- Sci Fi/FantasyDisclaimer: This is a story of pure fiction. It contains gay sex. If you are offended by this Preteen Cp Galleries topic or under the legal age, please stop reading now. Bane climbed in the truck. The cold air was a barely remembered luxury. The sun had only been up for about a half hour, but the night cold had already melted away. The temp had climbed to nearly 90 so far. He hadn't felt air conditioning since Before, some 3 years ago, on his 16th birthday. For a second, he almost believed that the Change hadn't come. He closed his eyes and let himself dream for a couple of seconds. But as soon as Bane opened his hazel eyes reality slammed home. In front of him sat the rugged, dark haired driver. "You gonna get in, or just keep air conditioning the desert?" "Sorry," Bane murmured and climbed in, shutting the door. The man took off down the road. Bane enjoyed the a/c for a couple of minutes. The man looked straight ahead and ignored Bane as if he weren't even there. As much as he reveled in the feel of the cool air, however, Bane started to get chill, he still had not put on his shirt again. He leaned down to open his bag and started taking out his heavier shirt. The man turned and stopped him with his hand. "Ah-Ah," he said. "You got too fine a looking body to cover your self up." The man moved his large calloused hand and lightly rubbed Bane's smooth, tight abs. He played lightly with the light brown trail that led down to his groin. Bane turned his head to look out the window. He'd expected this, but that didn't mean he was looking forward to it. His stomach started quivering at the gentle caressing of the man. Bane, wanting to just get it over, figured he'd move things along and unsnapped his jean shorts. The man removed his hand, and said almost briskly, "Button those shorts up -- you're not for me." Bane turned his head back, "What?" he said. A mix of emotions coursed through him -- relief that nothing was going to happen, and, he realized, disappointment and a feeling of rejection that the man had stopped. "Don't get me wrong," the man said, "you are the cutest thing I've seen in months. But, I can get a years worth of smokes for you. Tell me, you broke in yet?" A slaver, Bane thought. He'd heard about such men, but had thought they were just rumors. "What?" Bane asked again. "You know, have you had any cock up your shoot? A pretty boy like you could have gotten a lot of favors in trade." Bane blushed. He was far from naive. He'd even toned up his body, cause he knew the supply clerk at the refuge camp had a thing for younger guys, but all the clerk had done was admire. Bane had simply let the guy get some eyefuls, even planned his shower times to coincide with the supply clerk, so he could see him naked, but that had been it. The clerk was too old-fashioned to try anything thankfully. "N-n-n-no." Stammered Bane. "I've never done anything with a guy." "Really? Not even Before with some of your school mates?" "NO!" Bane exclaimed indignant. The driver got a big grin on his face. "I got's meself a cherry. I can get *two* years of smokes and a bunch of food. Maybe even a couple of power creds. Preteen Cp Galleries Tell you what boy. I'm feeling magnanimous today. I'm going to hook you up with the best family in Vegas. They've been wanting a clean house boy -- and if you pass the physical, I think you'll be just what they are looking for." The next several hours passed in silence. Having discovered Bane's state of 'innocence' the slaver drove in silence, once Preteen Cp Galleries again acting as if Bane did not exist. Bane wished he could turn on the radio -- but of course that would be pointless. At best there would be government service announcements on. And, our here in the desert, he doubted even that. Three hours later, they crossed into what used to be Nevada. The state line was marked by the skeleton of a couple of casinos. A couple of miles farther up the road, the truck stopped at a checkpoint of sorts. A couple of men in military fatigues approached the door. "What do we got here?" The driver had told Bane to roll down the window and the soldier was peering in the window, openly oogling Bane's naked chest. "A present for Morgan West," the driver stated gruffly. "He asked me to pick him up special." "Did he now? Maybe I should phone on down and ask him if he's expecting you." "Go ahead, but it's your hide. You know he's been wanting a boy for his son. What do you think his response will be when I tell him you wouldn't let me bring him in." Bane wondered why the driver didn't bring out the beamer. After all, compared to the old rifles the soldiers were carrying, they were no match for him. Then Bane noticed a red laser point on his chest and on the driver's forehead. He looked out the front window and saw two more soldiers pointing beamers at them, ready to fire. Bane blushed as the soldier continued to drink in his body with his eyes. Finally, though, he stepped back and waved the truck through. After they'd gone a couple of miles, the driver turned towards Bane and stated, "You should thank me, you know." "What?" "Every other boy I've brought back as been "checked-out" by those soldiers. I usually enjoy that inspection, actually. It gives me a chance to see what type of boy I got -- a willing one, an inexperienced one, a shy one, a resistant one. Doesn't matter to me what he's like, there's a market for all kinds. And if I bring the soldiers a cherry like you? Oh my, do I get some favors in return. Normally they are more connected than all but a few of the families in Vegas. How else do you think they could have a phone line way out here. A phone line that actually works! But... Mr. West...He's a different level all together. Compared to what Mr. West can give me, even the soldiers can't compete." "Were they going to kill us? They had beamers pointed at us!" "Oh my no. That's just standard practice. I bring in on average a boy ever week, highest rate in town. The families have given me there protection. The soldier was just making sure I'd mention his name to Mr. West." Bane wondered what Mr West would be like..... ***** That's all for now. For those looking for some more action, it's coming I promise. This is my first attempt at writing. Please give me some feedback. Comments to
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